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The Future of Electricity is Solar Energy

Creating Energy Independence,
One Rooftop at a Time!

Electricity For Less      

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Lower Energy Bill Increase Home Value


Sunuso Energy offers our customers the best warranty in the industry with a 25-year performance guarantee, and a 25-year warranty on panels, inverters, racking, and workmanship at the most affordable price guaranteed.


Sunuso Energy is an Award-Winning, Best in Class Energy Provider for Homeowners across the United States.

Sunuso Energy is a world-class organization of passionate associates committed to providing the most outstanding Eco-friendly and energy-efficient home renovation services, at the lowest most cost-effective products and programs on the market today!


Making the World a Greener, Better place to Live!  


Year Established

A+ Rating

With the BBB 

License, Bonded & Insured


Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Systems Installed


Mega Watts Residential &Commercial Solar Projects Installed



Monitor your usage

Manage your solar system from anywhere in the world with 24/7 mobile monitoring. Watch your energy in real-time or set your preferences to optimize for energy independence.


On a Mission to Improve How We Use Energy in Our Homes.

Sunuso Energy will reduce your home's electricity cost and save you and your family hundreds of dollars per month and thousands of dollars per year.  At the same time, increase your property value by tens of thousands of dollars overnight.  All with zero out-of-pocket cost to you!  

At Sunuso Energy, we are passionate about solar energy and everything it has to offer you as well as the planet.  It's our mission to offer a sustainable source of energy to homeowners across the US.  It's all part of how we make life sunnier.   

Our Services

Are you ready to cut down on your energy costs, increase the value of you property and reduce your carbon emissions? Sunuso Energy is a full service, energy-efficient home improvement company! We are serving homeowners nationwide.

Solar Power is especially needed during times when electricity prices are on the rise and the US power grid is unreliable.

Solar Services



Windows & Doors

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